Saturday, March 30, 2013

Namish's first holi....

This holi was special....we were celebrating with our 5 month old baby "Namish"(NAMU).
For him everything was just FIRST TIME.
We took him down where people were celebrating holi with rain dance and at the other end small kids were running behind one other with their color loaded pitchkari of various models [i can't even think of such models] with such a big tank inbuilt. These models were not available in our time.....

[In our time there were only one model with limited water capacity. It was like fire and forget(unless you refill it, its of no use) and thus we were very reluctant in firing unless we were sure that we won't miss the target :-)
Most of us must be knowing which model i am talking about !! There were one hand made model also available in villages and that is made up of Bamboo tree....I am reluctant to go into detail and leaving it to your imagination......think about it !!!]

Now coming to NAMU...

We first took him to rain dance...Initially the crowd amused him. But soon was awed by the loud music(must be thinking ki chal kya raha hai ye sab).....and he went into STATUE MODE.This is the mode were he stops responding.....very funny he is in this mode.
Then we took him to kids group there he was giggling and enjoyed a lot.

Then we took him up and made him ready with his first Kurta n Dhoti dress.....(ek andar ki bat hai..his dhoti was bit transparent and we were able to see his green color diaper lol).... entire day we were making fun of his dhoti and diaper and laughing and rolling which he was not aware of and he was also laughing with us. Someday when he will read this post he may feel jittery but nonetheless we enjoyed that moment......

Thanks NAMU for making this holi so very special for us......

Thursday, November 05, 2009

An Absolute Genius....

Cricket.....Hero Honda Cup 2009 , 5th ODI.

Yes , he is an absolute Genius - The Sachin Tendulkar.
175 of 144 balls , and leading the game from front.The way he played yesterday was like a fresher who somehow got a chance to play for India and he new that if he wont play this match he wont get another chance to prove himself. Gosh , what a game...........huh.
The confidence he had to win this match was just unbelievable.

When he became the first batsman to score 50 hundreds in international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar established himself as the greatest of all Indian cricketers. Recognised by Sir Donald Bradman as his modern incarnation, Tendulkar has a skill – a genius – which only a handful have possessed. It was not a skill that he was simply born with, but one which was developed by his intelligence and an infinite capacity for taking pains. If there is a secret, it is that Tendulkar has the keenest of cricket minds.His bravery was proved after he was hit on the head on his Test debut in Pakistan, when he was only 16; and his commitment to the Indian cause has never been in doubt. If captaincy – or rather the off-field management of men less skilled than himself – was beyond him at his first attempt, his reading of the game, and his manifold varieties of bowling, have shown the same acute intelligence. His cricket has been played in the right way too, always attacking, and because he knew that was the right way rather than because he was a child of the one-day age, as he himself modestly said. The awe of opponents was as great as that of crowds. But the finest compliment must be that bookmakers would not fix the odds – or a game – until Tendulkar was out.

Though India lost the match , but WE[me and wife] decided to convince our self that India won this match...he he he , and believe me WE are able to do so....for WE.For us India won by less than 4 runs.....:-)

With this wining note.....Good Night and Love you !!!