Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Google Babies............

Dear All,

In the six years since, Google's search index has grown to include an estimated 8 billion pages, and there are no signs of a slowdown. Obviously, with so many pages to sift through, finding exactly what someone's looking for on the Web is far from an easy task, even for google.

What say?

That's why google came up with custom search engine concept ( I guess most of you are aware ), where you can focus on a narrow slice of the Web, are sprouting up like mushrooms after a fresh monsoon shower.

Ahh so tasty!!

So I decided to create two baby googles.

For Perl:

For C++:

Currently these babies have very less pages to search as they contain only those web pages which I found useful during my very little two and half years of experience.

So if you search something and they did not make you happy with the result, please do not make them cry, as they are baby…..:-)

But I promise that I will take care of these two newly born babies at my best.
So as they grow up they will be giving you the best results.

Feel free to evaluate them by comparing the results with mother google and keep sending me your feedbacks.

You can also help me in growing these babies.
Keep sending me the useful links which you may have collected during your experiences.
And I shall feed them to these babies. They are really hungry!!

I can understand your attachment with the mother google , but I know every one love small babies. Don’t you???

So keep googling in babies , give some rest to mother now.

Thank you, Keep googling!!

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