Friday, November 02, 2007

Is your password hacker-proof ?

Well , every time we create our password we wonder , how strong my password is.And the same time how simple is my password to remember :-)

There’s finally some good news if you're trying to protect yourself from hackers. If you're looking for a hacker-proof password, simplicity may be the way to go. Now you can check you password with password checker.......

Just type in a password, and you'll know instantly how strong or weak your option is.

Click here to check your password...

Doing this will tell you how safe your password is from dictionary attacks that run through a whole dictionary or brute force attack that just runs through billions of combinations.

And for all you Mac OS users, password assistant is your designated guru.

We all know that a password is a random mix of numbers letters and symbols.

pram4#536/#@ is a great password but the problem is neither you or I can remember it. The solution is to come up with a random, logical combination.

There are four steps to making a great password.

The four step rules:

1. Just a dictionary single word, preferably in a different language. It is not at all powerful and easily broken but we're just getting started.

2. Now add a four digit number, a date of some significance that's not your date of birth.

3. Now end it with another word that relates to the website or page. That will do it.

4. But here's what will make it almost crack-proof. Add a symbol or two and then change the order.

Well that should care of your password needs. But what do you do if your office requires you to come up with a new one every 15 days?

All I can say is good luck and keep changing :-)