Sunday, March 09, 2008

Apathy, the true reason of falling

Well , I am still newbie to this stock market's RED and GREEN.
When Sensex was roaring at 21-22k and Nifty was barking at 6k, I started feeling that this is a good way of making money if you have some leisure......but hold on...the truth is, it is not a game to play in the leisure , otherwise everyone would have played.It's a game to be played very me for this.

I have seen the seesaw of the market in such a short span of time.....I feel so lucky to believe and live in not go wild.

I still remember those days....every morning waking up and watching that Global market falling but our market breaking its own records of 19k,20k,21k......and 22k, and we use to laugh and amuse saying "India market ko kisi se koi matlab nahi hai[Indian market does not depend on others]".But there was a day when our finance minister's one line statement on P-Note bringing the market into the lower circuit.....hmm for me it was "Please-Note such things can happen". Gosh can't forget that.

Then after making clarification on the P-Note thing , we again started roaring and barking irrespective of the global market.
But I do remember , when it touched 21k+ people started talking about the past market CRASHing stories.But the same people also believing no this will not happen , graph is rising because our fundamentals are getting stronger and stronger........Hmm I see :-)

Then we started dreaming to open an Investment Company , not only that but we started giving the free training.....[India me muft ke advice bahut milte hai......Rohan Isn't it True :-)]

Then comes 21st Jan , the Black day of the Indian stock coming into the lower circuit.I was laughing.....when I saw some stupid news channels were giving the reason to that Bull statue which was kept in front of the BSE office on 21st :-)

And from there on we are keep falling....21k,20k,19k,18k,17k,16k,15k........what Next ????

What Next ???
Yes, this is the question hunting and eating everyone's apathy.
No one is willing to buy........and thats the reason its keep falling.

But the kind of experience I hagot from past , I feel my self a lucky champ as I participated in both side of the game....the seesaw game.....:-)

Apathy...the reason of falling.