Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Android is ready-----well done google !!!

Android is a software platform and operating system for mobile devices, based on the Linuxoperating system, developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance.[1] It allows developers to write managed code in a Java-like language that utilizes Google-developed Java libraries,[2] but does not support programs developed in native code.

T-Mobile USA will reveal the first phone to use Android, Google's software platform.

Research firm Strategy Analytics estimates that T-Mobile could sell 400,000 phones this year, giving Google about 4 percent of the US market for ''smart'' phones, a category dominated by Research in Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry phones with tough competition from Apple Inc.'s iPhone, Palm Inc.'s Treos and Centros and various phones running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Mobile software

The new phone, called the G1 according to T-Mobile's invitation, is widely expected to be a design from HTC Corp. of Taiwan, which has made a name for itself by making smart phones that use Windows Mobile software. Based on previous Google demos of its software, it's assumed that it will have a touch screen and a slide-out, full-alphabet keyboard.

The phone would sell for $199 and carry the Google brand. It's likely that the phone will go on sale in a few weeks.

Google has an advantage its competitors lack: a world-beating advertising system that turned it into a multibillion-dollar company in the space of a few years. If Android can translate Google's success in Web advertising to the phone, carriers could get a cut of the revenue.

Wireless operators have been looking for more than a decade at making the cell phone an welcoming place for advertisers.In particular, they want to make use of the ability of cell phones to locate their users and provide ads keyed to that location.

Looking forward to see the Google tag on mobile phones !!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Independence Day 2008

Indian tricolour fluttered in the backdrop, as Neelam Deo, the country’s consul general in New York rung the closing bell at the world’s largest stock exchange NASDAQ, which celebrated India’s 62nd Independence day on Friday.
This was the first time that a consul general has rung the closing bell at the stock market in a prestigious ceremony, which marks the recognition of a fast growing Indian economy.
Outside the exchange, the huge electronic board, which overlooks the historic Times Square and displays quotations during the day was also lighted in saffron, white and green colours, with the words “India Independence Day”.

But is that Enough ????? I am asking this question to me and you can also ask who am I to stop u asking.....

61 years on, as we look back, we must ask ourselves two pertinent questions. Where have we come? Where are we going? Would those men and women, who died to rid us of oppression, would they be satisfied at the progress we have made? Or would they once again, prepare for a new andolan?A nation, which had once been described as "a functioning anarchy" by noted economist JK Galbraith, is now being showered with the choicest of praises. Yet, as we look through these phrases, we see that there is more to be achieved. Where we create the largest amount of millionaires per capita we consistently rank at the bottom half of the UNDI (UN Development Index). Where we have the largest middle-class in the world, we are also home to the largest levels of illiteracy. Where we have world renowned institutions such as IISc, TIFR, IIT, we also have children who study in woefully inadequate classrooms. Where we have a Muslim President administering the oath to a Sikh PM belonging to a party headed by a Roman Catholic to serve a population of 800 million Hindus, we have at the very same time, politicians claiming to decide who will be allowed to reside in a particular state and the means by which they shall reside.
We have, for long enough, put up with policies which while claiming to provide social equality, strips our countrymen of their very identity. We have for long enough, put up with voices who seek to divide us. To use Barrack Obama's words, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes. I say to them, there is not a BJP India or a Congress India, there is the Republic of India. There is not a North India, a South India, a North-East India, there is the Republic of India. There is not a Hindu India, a Muslim India, a Sikh India, there is the Republic of India. There are people also seek to fragment our states, by drawing Orange states and White States, Orange for the NDA/BJP and White for the UPA/INC. I have news for them too. We say "Id Mubarak" in the Orange states, and we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in the White States with equal fervour. We fill up RTI applications in the Orange States and we support those who are less fortunate than us in the White States. We celebrate the success of Irfan Khan Pathan in the Orange states and we reminisce the works of Vijay Tendulkar in the White states. We are immensely saddened when terror hits the Orange states, and we are relieved when a terrorist is sentenced to death in the White states. We are all one, pledging allegiance to the Republic of India.

In finishing, we are standing at the precipice of an unheralded moment in history. Already, the media is filling us with the optimism that this century will be known as the Asian Century, and there are parallels being drawn with the "Indian Elephant" and the "Chinese Dragon". As we begin the 62nd year of Independence, let us recall the facts. We have around 250-300 million people between the ages of 15-35. That includes many of you as well. This population is more than ten times the entire population of Australia and comparable with the population of the United States. Which power on earth can stop us if we all decide to achieve to the best of our abilities? For far too long now, India has been spoken of as "getting there" and "emerging superpower". When shall we "get there" and be "a Superpower". I don't know about you all, but I want it to be in my lifetime. Else, the debt that I owe to those who fought for a free India, will be a "promissory note returned marked insufficient funds".Swami Vivekananda once said "Give me a few young men, and I shall change the face of this nation". I am putting my hand up now, anyone willing to join me?

Jai Hind!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Class of 2008

Good Morning India.......

I must say I did not had such pleasant morning for a long time, specially on Sunday.

Thanks to “The Times of India” for making me so happy with my cup of tea today. as I totally lost my concentration from the tea and I totally lost into this article on the very First page.

And it forced me to blog early this morning..........

The Class of 2008.

It’s a class unlike other.

The children won’t come in with handkerchiefs neatly pinned on uniform pockets. But in clothes that probably bear stains of soot or grease.

What you teach here isn’t something that’ll help a child get to the next class.

But to a future free of poverty and deprivation.

Learning won’t happen from testbooks.

But from pages borrowed from your life and often, from the lives of the student themselves.

You don’t get paid here.

Yet you will return home each day with riches no remuneration can match.

Come to think of it, you’ve never seen a classroom this size.

The walls after all, are the four corners of your country.

And when a child from this class passes, the nation will graduate.

From being the world’s largest illiterate population to the world’s largest literate workplace.

So whoever you are, whatever you do, here’s calling out to the teacher in you.

Good Morning Teacher!!!

And welcome to the class of 2008.


Let’s learn to teach

Only two hours a week.

Log on to www.teach.timesofindia.com and discover how those two hours will make the difference to a child’s life.

Courtesy: The Times of India.......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Trip to Hong Kong

The hectic trip to Hong Kong.

I was on my official trip to Hong Kong.

Briefing the trip in couple of post….

Firstly,I must thank Jet Air for providing the empty seat next to me as I utilized that for sleeping. I did not enjoy the Jet in-flight entertainment as I preferred sleeping.

When I woke up, saw plane was flying just 1000 meter over the sea.

The beauty of Hong Kong (HKG) starts from its airport itself. If you are a first time traveler to HKG like me, then you will feel that your plane is landing on the sea as the runway is attached to the seashore, oh God it was just awesome. I was humming “ye kahan aa gaye hum…….”And then the other best experience was catching the Metro inside the airport to go and collect the baggage.

I felt jittery when at the immigration counter while answering the question as it was VISA on arrival, and that person was looking at me ironically.I was little worried as it was my first travel and hence the passport was new for VISA stamp. But anyways got my VISA and moved into the country.

The 1 Hr drive from airport to The Bay Bridge Hotel was enough for an Indian like me to compare the two countries. I tried to convince myself by giving various useless, meaningless and sometime nonsense reasons, that India is better(Kyonki dil hai hindustani).But most of the time I was getting really difficult convincing.

So the fact is, technically they are far ahead and much better in terms Infrastructure. This was my conclusion after that 1 Hr drive.

Believe me ,

I was always trying to find animals, specially cows and dogs on the Hong Kong roads to feel better comfortable and homely, but can’t.

I was always trying to get no response from a Taxi driver when I was waving my hand for lift , but always feeling sad when they were giving good response every time and making me to justify my own India. I am used to ask minimum 5 auto driver every day every time to take me to the office and from office to home in Mumbai, so having said that isn’t it Hong Kong better…..

I was always trying to stuck into the traffic jam, But never find one in my entire stay in Hong Kong. The only reason is “Everyone in Hong Kong not only remember but also follows Rules of the Road knowledge which they learnt in 1st standard ”.But most of us just remember those rules to pass on to our children when they come in 1st standard. So having said that isn’t it Hong Kong better…..

I was always feeling awful when I was leaving office late night (around 3-4 in the morning) and the cabby was waiting at traffic signal when there was Red light. As we used to break the signal when we find no one is observing me. Having said that isn’t it Hong Kong better…..

I was always feeling awful when every day I was paying the same meter bill to the different cabby for my travel from office to hotel and vice versa. Because within India if you travel different state and the auto/taxi driver knows that you are new to the city, then……..shall I elaborate or you got it. Hope you got it.

I must write an incident related to this.On a particular day I hired a cab to take me from office to Hotel around 5 AM in the morning.Unfortunatly the cabby was not able to locate the address and he followed the wrong route and miter reading came almost double from the usual day.I paid him for his meter reading but the cabby returning me some money and taking exactly which I used to pay every day. Saying it was his fault that he could not locate the place.I really felt hard to digest this as there were no Hajmola. If you are also not able to digest then take some Hajmola. So having said that isn’t it Hong Kong better……..

I am also feeling sad writing this for my lovely India , but what to do. I believe “To compete you have to compare , and compare with the best”.But that does not mean ,India is behind them in all means.Will be posting the good part of India comparing to HKG in my next post.

Well, now get out from all these and let me write about some famous places in HKG.

One of the busiest suburbs of Hong Kong is Mong Kok, where you will find Ladies Market.
It’s an outdoor street market with loads and loads of stalls where you can buy anything from ladies purse ,a Copy Rolex to Vegetable peeler.
Its got a wonderful atmosphere, and some of the stalls sell quite interesting stuff, and others just weird stuff, but interesting none the less.
Its a great place to go shopping for stuff to take home to friends and family. Some of the stalls also sell the usual souvenirs found in shops.

As I mentioned you can buy anything, the most common things to obtain are copy merchandise. Ladies Market is also popular place to buy copy goods. For example, if you want to buy a copy watch you will see a stall with brochures on the table, if you page through the brocures, someone will normally some stand next to you to ask you what type of watch you want. They are normally up for negotiation if you are not happy with their price. Dont be afraid if they tell you to follow them to their "showroom". They just take you up a apartment block to where they keep their stock. Many different copy handbags are also a common purchase amongs tourists.
Other goods available are stuff like alarm clocks, sports bags, jeans, shirts etc.

The stall owners are usually good sales people and will try their best to sell you a product. They are also happy to reduce prices if you bargain with them.
Many times the seller does not speak very good English, so when negotiating prices they will punch the amount into a calculator, let you have a look and then hand you the calculator so you can tell them what you are prepared to pay, very interesting actually!

For considering the importance of your time I am stopping this post here.

So take some break and I will update you for my next post on HKG soon.

And thanks for giving your time to read this.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Apathy, the true reason of falling

Well , I am still newbie to this stock market's RED and GREEN.
When Sensex was roaring at 21-22k and Nifty was barking at 6k, I started feeling that this is a good way of making money if you have some leisure......but hold on...the truth is, it is not a game to play in the leisure , otherwise everyone would have played.It's a game to be played very seriously...buy me for this.

I have seen the seesaw of the market in such a short span of time.....I feel so lucky to believe and live in reality......do not go wild.

I still remember those days....every morning waking up and watching that Global market falling but our market breaking its own records of 19k,20k,21k......and 22k, and we use to laugh and amuse saying "India market ko kisi se koi matlab nahi hai[Indian market does not depend on others]".But there was a day when our finance minister's one line statement on P-Note bringing the market into the lower circuit.....hmm for me it was "Please-Note such things can happen". Gosh can't forget that.

Then after making clarification on the P-Note thing , we again started roaring and barking irrespective of the global market.
But I do remember , when it touched 21k+ people started talking about the past market CRASHing stories.But the same people also believing that....no no this will not happen , graph is rising because our fundamentals are getting stronger and stronger........Hmm I see :-)

Then we started dreaming to open an Investment Company , not only that but we started giving the free training.....[India me muft ke advice bahut milte hai......Rohan Isn't it True :-)]

Then comes 21st Jan , the Black day of the Indian stock market.......market coming into the lower circuit.I was laughing.....when I saw some stupid news channels were giving the reason to that Bull statue which was kept in front of the BSE office on 21st :-)

And from there on we are keep falling....21k,20k,19k,18k,17k,16k,15k........what Next ????

What Next ???
Yes, this is the question hunting and eating everyone's apathy.
No one is willing to buy........and thats the reason its keep falling.

But the kind of experience I hagot from past , I feel my self a lucky champ as I participated in both side of the game....the seesaw game.....:-)

Apathy...the reason of falling.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Budget for Poor

Considering the fact that India is becoming reacher and reacher year by year we should not forget the poor India.When I say poor India I am talking about those who are really poor. I am not even considering middle and lower middle class because I am also belong to a middle class family and i have seen so many budget and I know a middle class somehow manages.But It really makes me to think how the poor manages.My "poor" means a real poor , family of one earning man/women hardly making 20-30 Rs a day and manage to feed 4-5 members of the family.

I have seen the CNN-IBN award function where peoples were asking questions to "CNN-IBN politician of the year".
Ironically , all asked question were moving around the middle class, higher middle class and upper class.People were talking about reducing tax and all....Huh.Some time I really doubt that anyone thinking about those "poor".

So if I have to ask for the budget I would expect more subsidy for the "poor" people ,identifying their real need and making sure that they can bye them in the money what they make...20-30 Rs/day.

I do not expect anything for me from this budget because I know somehow I can manage.But I really worry for them.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey Ram.......

My dad was a big follower or I say a big fan of “Bapu” and the believer in “Satya paresan ho sakta hai , parajit nahi”.He used to call me “Bapu” during my childhood, though during those days I had no much idea about the so called “Bapu”. Then my teacher who used to come home to teach me, was also a big follower of “Bapu”, tells me the story of “Bapu”.

From there I got my interest in “Bapu”. But in the beginning whenever “Bapu” comes in my mind the only other words come was “Satya and Ahinsa”.

Year back I bought my copy of autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”. I can not express my feeling of the reading. The only thing I can say is, please do not read that book you have to feel that book.

Very rare people writes bad thing about themselves in their autobiography. But during reading “The Story of My Experiments with Truth” one would feel what I am trying to say.

Sixty years after he was assassinated, Gandhi lives. Not just in textbooks and speeches but also through his autobiography The Story of My Experiments with Truth which continues to sell an incredible 200,000 copies a year.[courtesy CNN-IBN].That shows love for Gandhi and his ideology has not faded even 60 years after his death.

There are only two opinions regarding his murder. One says it was bad and the other says it was good. But I am from the former who believes “A murder can not be a reason of good”.

But having said that, now I decided to bye a copy of “The Men Who Killed Gandhi” and the other one “Lets Kill Gandhi” to see the other opinion.

[IBN-Live : Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte together decided that Mahatma Gandhi had to be killed. As to which of them first thought of the plot, however, remains a mystery, says a book to be released on Wednesday on the 60th anniversary of the assassination of the Father of the Nation.The resolution to kill the Mahatma was made by the two as they read on the teleprinter the news on Gandhi's decision to go on a fast to force transfer of Rs 55 crore to Pakistan.]

I need to justify myself and let me see , can I change my opinion…..not at all.

Hey Ram…….