Thursday, February 14, 2008

Budget for Poor

Considering the fact that India is becoming reacher and reacher year by year we should not forget the poor India.When I say poor India I am talking about those who are really poor. I am not even considering middle and lower middle class because I am also belong to a middle class family and i have seen so many budget and I know a middle class somehow manages.But It really makes me to think how the poor manages.My "poor" means a real poor , family of one earning man/women hardly making 20-30 Rs a day and manage to feed 4-5 members of the family.

I have seen the CNN-IBN award function where peoples were asking questions to "CNN-IBN politician of the year".
Ironically , all asked question were moving around the middle class, higher middle class and upper class.People were talking about reducing tax and all....Huh.Some time I really doubt that anyone thinking about those "poor".

So if I have to ask for the budget I would expect more subsidy for the "poor" people ,identifying their real need and making sure that they can bye them in the money what they make...20-30 Rs/day.

I do not expect anything for me from this budget because I know somehow I can manage.But I really worry for them.

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