Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Class of 2008

Good Morning India.......

I must say I did not had such pleasant morning for a long time, specially on Sunday.

Thanks to “The Times of India” for making me so happy with my cup of tea today. as I totally lost my concentration from the tea and I totally lost into this article on the very First page.

And it forced me to blog early this morning..........

The Class of 2008.

It’s a class unlike other.

The children won’t come in with handkerchiefs neatly pinned on uniform pockets. But in clothes that probably bear stains of soot or grease.

What you teach here isn’t something that’ll help a child get to the next class.

But to a future free of poverty and deprivation.

Learning won’t happen from testbooks.

But from pages borrowed from your life and often, from the lives of the student themselves.

You don’t get paid here.

Yet you will return home each day with riches no remuneration can match.

Come to think of it, you’ve never seen a classroom this size.

The walls after all, are the four corners of your country.

And when a child from this class passes, the nation will graduate.

From being the world’s largest illiterate population to the world’s largest literate workplace.

So whoever you are, whatever you do, here’s calling out to the teacher in you.

Good Morning Teacher!!!

And welcome to the class of 2008.


Let’s learn to teach

Only two hours a week.

Log on to and discover how those two hours will make the difference to a child’s life.

Courtesy: The Times of India.......

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