Wednesday, April 12, 2006

After Google Earth & Moon Its Time For Google Mars.........

My endless fascination with anything involving the exploration of mars, has been fed recently by the advent of Google Mars.

GOOGLE + NASA OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooops....there is no limit.....
Generally we say there is no limit to THINK,
But with above combination I say there is no limit to IMPLEMENT.

You may remember when Google Moon was launched last July to commemorate the first lunar landing. Now, the same team which brought you Google Moon, Google Earth, and Google Local have launched Google Mars to commemorate the birth of Percival Lowell, an astronomer who was known for his interest in Mars and its canals.

The ability to "zoom in" on a piece of Mars, tantalizingly close, and sure to get closer as we get closer to the day an actual human lands there, appeals to a very basic part of who I am.

I still hope to see a human walking there during my lifetime.

This is what the developer of Google earth has to say abt Google mars:

And this is not the End from Google.......It is Just "Google Galaxy Starts with Mars "

Google is one step closer to announcing a Google Galaxy (Universe/Solar System) product.

GoogleMercury .com .net .org .info
GoogleVenus .com .net .org .info
GoogleJupiter .com .net. org .
GoogleSaturn .com .net .org .info
GoogleUranus .com .net .org .info
GoogleNeptune .com .net .org .info
GooglePluto .com .net .org .info

Google why donnt you just stop doing such things... It make me so excited to join you.......And you know how tough you are......


pramod said...

This time it is not coming in google blog search till the end result page.... :(

Hard luck...better next time :)

pramod said...

hey dude i was wrong....
i tried next time and guess what ????

it is coming on first page and as a first result....Koooool

Thanks Googly.....