Thursday, August 31, 2006

Indian state to ditch Microsoft software !!

The New York Times reports that the Indian state of Kerala has announced it will attempt to migrate all public offices away from Microsoft software:

"Naturally, being a democratic and progressive government, we want to encourage the spread of free software," said Kerala's education minister to the Times.

Kerala thus becomes the latest government to go activist on the software front, incongruously following the lead of Massachussets.

The news has provoked heated debate on Slashdot. Anticipating the pro-Microsoft response, one open-source advocate comments, tongue-in-cheek: "Remember, when downloading free software, you're downloading communism." To which another -- clearly in the minority -- responds with even more sarcasm: "Let's encourage all schools to not teach with Microsoft products... That way, when you graduate - you won't be prepared for the workforce, where most companies do use Microsoft."

Is Microsoft really in for an early death ?

I suspect that in five years I'll be hearing once more how Microsoft Office is doomed!

Courtesy : CNN & Google.

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