Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In the Line of Fire "or" In the Line of Cotroversy ??


I am yet to complete my reading “Call to Honor” the Autobiography which had lots and lots of controversies around….

And got the other one !!!!

Huh…again an autobiography with bang bang bang of controvercies….."In the Line of Fire"

The very first Autobiography which I read was of Mahatma Gandhi's !!!
Now I am really eager to know that “if such kind of controversies arose during that period ???”
I read that !!! and I feel it was really informative.

I feel autobiographies are mostly written when the person concerned is no longer in office, and has the luxury of time, introspection and hindsight. Even so, most such works offer justifications more than honest self-analysis. An autobiography written while the person is still in office becomes an even more tricky proposition considering the recent autobiographies.

Here people just go around the controversies instead of taking GOOD out of the book.
I don’t see anybody who had come up saying “yes this is a great work done by Yeshwant Singh”.
But if I would say “He has done a great work by making others know about him”

I am yet to buy my copy of “In the Line of Fire” but this time I am prepare and aware of the controversies.

Cut to 2006. President Musharraf, who seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999, was initially welcomed by the Pakistani intelligentsia which had tired of corrupt politicians and was impressed by his offer of a clean administration. But after seven years in power, most of which he has spent walking a tight-rope between the religious Right and the U.S., the general has been honest enough to admit his popularity has eroded.

An election is coming up next year. The opposition has ganged up against him. What revelations will this autobiography contain?

One thing is sure. President Musharraf does not need a "mole" controversy for his book to become a bestseller. It is enough that he has been at the helm of affairs in Pakistan in the tumultuous years since 9/11. Just the contradictions that Pakistan has lived through and experienced in this period are enough.

There is hardly anyone who can say with authority that he or she knows the real Musharraf. Here, I am not even talking about the shenanigans of his private life because that is no one's business. I'm talking about Musharraf the general, the army chief, the President, the architect of Kargil, the coup-maker, the Taliban supporter, and at later stage, the biggest opponent of Islamic militancy and extremism, the courageous advocate of peace with India, the man who is liberal at heart and wants to promote women's rights.

Then what is inside the Book which Launched such a goddaman controvercy ??

So I am really desperate to get my copy to justify my post's title "In the Line of Fire "or" In the Line of Cotroversy ??"

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