Thursday, November 02, 2006

LOST ????

No no no…. I was not LOST but I was CAUGHT.

I m very sorry to making you all wait for new post.
Really its being a long !!
But even in those busy time I was keep collecting the contents for YOU !!
So now as I am back , so why not I start with my GooooooooGly!!
During this period my Google has bought or rather acquired some companies and launched customized search engine.

YouTube… it’s a good deal !!

Google's competitors are mostly still trying to figure out how to better take advantage of today's online advertising opportunity. Meanwhile, Google is already looking ahead to a still-to-come era when the Web links tightly with all other media.And so , the move towards video add is the first step towards that ear for Google.
Indeed, while last week's YouTube purchase was Google's largest, the second largest was January's $102 million acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting Services, a company with a successful automated system for placing ads on radio stations all over the country.

There are several remarkable facts in this acquisition:
  • Copyright issues, pirated content and YouTube often appear in the same sentence – and now that Google owns the company, you can only bet that they will be solved one way or another.
  • Google gets another foot in content hosting, after Gmail, Blogger and GoogleBase. They are not only about organizing the world’s information anymore – just in case you wondered.
  • YouTube will remain a separate operation, even physically, which seems to indicate that the risk of messing up the secret sauce post-acquisition has been considered.
  • Now that the leader (46% of the online video market) has been taken out, I can’t wait to see what happens next – especially as Yahoo was rumored to be involved in the deal until the last minute, and I am sure that Fox, Viacom, AOL and the others were not too far behind.
  • And looking ahead to next year, Yahoo could face a much tougher challenge from Google in so-called display advertising, sales of video ads, banners and other ads not tied to search results, thanks to Google's pending deal for YouTube.

So I can say it is Yawns for Yahoo and ga-ga for Google , as Google's eating Yahoo's lunch(he he he)

JotSpot.....purchase targets Microsoft

Three-year-old JotSpot had developed a series of online productivity software programs that offer many of the functions of Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets. But instead of running on individual computers, JotSpot applications are delivered as Web-based services.
Following the lead of companies like JotSpot, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google entered the market this year by acquiring the Writely word processor and introducing other Web-based applications such as Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar.
JotSpot's programs run on collaborative wiki software, a flexible form of Web publishing for groups that allows any approved user to edit or change individual documents.

The 27-employee company has helped popularize the idea that wikis are not just for software geeks but can be used within small groups by non-technical office workers or family groups to accomplish practical scheduling or financial tasks

Well , wonder what they were paid for JotSpot? It's got about 300,000 users, some of them paying, most of them not. Clearly, this wasn't YouTube money, but my guess is it wasn't Writely money either. Somewhere around $50-$75 million is my bet.

Customized Search Engine !!!!

Here you go….now you can say it’s your search engine…..
The free service, dubbed Google Custom Search Engine, allows organizations or individuals to create a customized, content-focused search engine, that can be limited to specific Web sites, ultimately allowing users to create a search engine around a specific topic such as a sports team, according to the company.Users of the customized search engine can even adjust its look and functionality or use Google' AdSense program and ultimately generate revenue, Google said.

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