Thursday, December 28, 2006

Coolest Gadgets for 2007

Ultra-mobile Windows PC-Sony VAIO UX90P

The design goal: a full-featured mobile PC small enough to fit in a pocket. Weighing just over a pound, this PC has a 4.5-inch touchscreen that slides up to reveal a keyboard. A U.S. version is expected soon, starting at $2,000.

Robot boombox-ZPN/Kenwood MIURO

This 14-inch-wide rolling robot has a built-in iPod dock and speakers; it can "dance" as it follows you around the house. In white, red, black, or yellow, this could make it to the U.S. next year. About $930.

Personal iPod theater-Mikimoto Beans iTheatre

Attach a video iPod, game device, or multimedia cellphone, and two two-inch LCD displays embedded in these geeky but stylish goggles create the effect of a 50-inch TV hovering before your eyes. But watch where you're walking. About $275.

Mobile video telephone-Sharp Vodafone 905SH

With a clamshell lid that can flip up and rotate 90 degrees, this 3G phone has a high-resolution, 2.6-inch widescreen display perfect for watching digital TV broadcasts aimed at Japanese cellphone users.

Motion-sensing game gear-Nintendo Wii controller

Call it the "wee-mote" for the upcoming $250 Wii game console. With ambidextrous appeal for experienced gamers and novices alike, the wand and joystick (included in console) can be a steering wheel, racket, or gun for new dimensions of game play.

Blu-ray prototype camcorder-Hitachi WOOO

These design mockups of high-definition videocameras have a charming retro style that incorporates direct recording onto future mini Blu-ray three-inch discs. Too bad there are no mini Blu-ray players yet. (Not on market.)

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