Sunday, February 26, 2006

Open Source Developer Survey

Dear All,

IDC, an independent world-wide market research company, is conducting a worldwide survey to get a developer's perspective on open source software incollaboration with several large IT vendors, including ourselves.

They encourage our participation in this survey regardless of what role we may play in the software development life cycle, and whether we are anindividual contributor or a manager.

The results of this survey will be made available in a variety of forms to information technology vendors. Please be assured that the information we provide is intended to be used only in aggregation with the answers of other respondents.

If you complete the survey and provide your email address, all of the following incentives will be made available to you.

- Access later to a pre-selected IDC publication

- Access to a selected subset of this survey's results when they become available

The survey is Web-based, and is opened for six weeks starting February 20, 2006.

Click here to take the survey.....,i7zy,1dm0,m2f,j3z8,3vge,6z1d


pramod said...

hah...i m done.
oops it took 36 minutes.
take this only when u r free for 30 to 35 mints.

ajay said...

what? 36 min,what is there inside :)
Kool survey , i shall do it

pramod said...

have u done ??

Anonymous said...

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