Saturday, June 17, 2006

2 Years.....hmmm

Hey completed 2 years of my first job on 14-Jun-2006…..wait it looks very small.

Hey completed 731 days of my first job….Opps again looks small

Hey completed 17544 Hr of my first job….Nop again looks small

Hey completed 1052640 Mints of my first job….O’man its still looks small

It will be small only so forget that…..

Day before Yesterday I received a mail from Team HR , congratulating me for my completions of two year in MASCON, and looking forward to continue with us for long period.

So here I am with 2 years of experience..……

And here is my Googly google who gave me this gift on completion of my 2 years.

Some one has searched “award winning story on appraisal” in google yesterday and he gets

HEY THANKS FOR COMING: Award winning story!!!!!as the first result.

And then he/she says “hello this is Justin” “I m from Mumbai” on my blog messsanger.

I must thank him/her for this gift.

Googly you ROCK

I must thank people who helped me lot in starting of my job carrier….

Here I go….

  • Raghvendra Rao Ijjada (My first PM and he was the one who took my technical interview in the college)

    Hey Raghav,
    Thanks for recruiting me and taking me into your team , which was considered as the HOTEST team of MASCON for Lucent Technology.
    The Team called DataBlitz , full of IIT’ns.
    As a fresher that was the best offer I have got…..
    Thank You Very Much Raghav.

  • Team Members:(DataBlitz)

    Hey Champs,
    Ganesh, Prabha(BiG B), Prem, Anna, Venkat , Kishore , Takshak ,Mallik
    Gopal , Pravin , Vinay,Sekhar
    Thank you all for your support and help you all have given me those days.
    You all really deserve more than whatever I am trying to give from this post.
    Wish you all the very best….Keep rising and rocking.
    And hello…keep forgiving me whenever I forget to call on your birthdays considering my true wishes are always for you all…...

  • All Friends,

    Hey Buddies,
    Thanks a lot for everything you all have done for me.
    Keep rocking…..and keep going.
    Without you people I would not be what I am. Keep forgiving me when you feel i am behaving like a rude.I could not find the thing in this real world which you people really deserve....coz that is beyond the love....Wish you all the very Best.

  • HeyGoogle , without you I am no where in this game. I really mean it.
    Thank you for your unlimited support.
    I can bet….if you stop your search engine most of the people including me will have a real tough time to complete the task in the provided time frame.
    So the only way I can thank you is…..appreciating your application which helps me in my daily life.

    Google Suggest,
    Hey I stopped using for my search.Now I use google suggest.
    It save my lots of time from the previous google search.

    Google Notepad,
    I still remember the date “5/15/06” when I found this into your lab.
    This is really very helpful….
    Before that I use to copy some things from net and save into a file, whatever I get important for future reuse. And the only problem which I was facing was to keep putting that doc in my and my friends mails.
    But those days gone when you have given me this Google notepad.
    Its amazing man….thanks a lot for this.

    Google Lab,
    I love your lab.
    Whenever I feel tired from my work , I just come to your lab.
    It works as a boost for me.

    Google Group,
    This is one think which impressed me very fast.
    Now from the google search result page I directly jump to the google group links.
    It gives exactly what I need.

    The best thing I liked in this is to forwarding my all mail to my office mail account. Which saves my time to explicitly go their and check my mail.

    Google Calendar,
    This is also very useful. If you do not want to get kicked by your friends if you forget to wish them on their birthday. Then use this to remind you.

    Boss…this list will not stop…coz your google video, your white papers , your APIs , opps ...all rocks man …..

    So let my finish this by saying thanks for your last but not least application the Google Blog which allowing me to write this.
    Sorry google I am not liking your Orkut yet……..May be because I am not giving my time in that.

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