Thursday, June 15, 2006

Boss that fellow has 8 Years of Experience…..

Best utilization of available resources….that is what we are called ENGINEERS :)

People say ALL Software Engineers becomes DUMP after 7-10 years…..So they are no more Engineers after 7-10 Years….

People say because they think these are the work we do after 7-10 Years:
  • mail check….
  • mail forward with FYI….
  • draw some graph in Excel….
  • draw some project plan…..
  • feel good factor that is roam in the office and check how SE and SSE are struggling and remember our own time and feel good and just give a dirty smile on them…..
  • attend the bull-sit status meetings and throw some ideas….
  • become mentors for some body and DUMP the ideas..….
  • suggest to read “this novel that novel” “this book that book” …..
  • come late, go early……
  • do sign on leave applications……
  • increase some one salary the way you want….

And this list just goes on and on……

I say….people who think like this are all NUTS.
Because ALL Software Engineers are not like that…..some are Engineers forever.

Example :

Today morning I was using one stove for my BF into the kitchen…….my roomy came into the kitchen to prepare his BF.
He took match stick from the match box and used my stove to burn that match stick and the best thing he did was..he burnt that match stick to the wrong side..the side which is used to hold the match stick…and he burnt the second stove , then he used his thumb to off the light and he kept the match stick in the match box…..

WOOOO that was really AWESOME……
I was like WOW.... we can use this match stick next time, coz it is still unused…..

Boss that fellow has 8 Years of Experience…..

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