Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rocking Pod : Thanks Jobs.

Finally, A must eat Apple!!

Was always wondering, that these guys ( Apples’ ) are so smart , then what they are waiting for to deliver my kind of device.
I must thank Apple to deliver a device which I was looking for a year or so.
I was strongly against carrying two palm devices, one for music ( iPod ) and other for communication ( cell phone ).
Always thinking why not someone is just adding more stuff to this “Pod” to make it fill, so that one can carry a single Pod which provides everything, or close to everything.

And I guess Jobs read my mind and FINALLY……………..

Apple on Tuesday introduced iPhone, a new cellphone version of its iPod portable music player that its iconoclastic CEO Steve Jobs called among the company's most important products ever.

Thanks Jobs.

"Apple is clearly redefining the phone," Jobs said in an interview after unveiling the iPhone at the sprawling Macworld conference here. "People will not look at smart phones the same way again."

The handheld device, priced at $499 and $599, packs the features of an iPod, cellphone and Internet service onto a 3.5-inch screen. New technology, called Multi-Touch, lets consumers use their fingers to make calls, play content and troll the Web. The iPhone won't be available until June.

This is a revolutionary product that has the chance to really impact people's lives.Comparing the iPhone to the original Macintosh and iPod. This is the ultimate digital device I must say.
iPhone users will be able to make calls while viewing content on the Web and exchanging e-mail — at the same time.

Apple expects the all-in-one device — which houses Apple's OS X operating system and Google Maps, among several features — to make an immediate impact in the burgeoning market for cellphones worldwide.

Jobs predicted Apple will sell about 10 million iPhones, or about 1% of the worldwide market, by 2008. Oh…that is damn good.The iPhone could get more people to buy iPods , isn’t it ??? Buy an iPhone which has iPod inside.

The iPhone is certainly a looker: super thin, touch-screen, closer in appearance to a Nano than a Treo and combines a mobile phone, widescreen iPod and Internet capabilities.

Some features:

  • As an iPod. Using your finger, you can navigate the device's 3.5-inch display. You can watch podcasts, TV shows, movies — and, of course, listen to music and audiobooks. You can also rapidly scroll through album covers using the clever Cover Flow feature on iTunes. But you cannot wirelessly download music purchased off iTunes. Instead, you connect or dock the device as with any iPod.

  • As a phone. Touch a name or number in your address book to dial the phone. Or you can use a virtual onscreen keypad. You can synchronize contacts from a PC or Mac and create a favorites list of the folks you frequently call. A nifty visual voice-mail feature lets you jump to the messages you most care about and ignore others. And you can send short text messages using a virtual touch-screen "qwerty" keyboard.
    The phone works exclusively over Cingular's so-called GSM and Edge wireless networks — speedy but not the fastest of the emerging third-generation, or 3G, networks. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities.
    Battery life could be a concern. Apple claims up to five hours of talk time, including watching video or browsing the Web. Apple says you'll get up to 16 hours if you use it just for audio.

  • Connectivity. Included is a full-blown version of Apple's Safari Web browser. You can sync bookmarks from your computer. E-mail can be automatically delivered, or "pushed," for free to you through Yahoo Mail; iPhone also works with Microsoft Exchange as well as other industry standard e-mail services. You can download e-mails in the background while surfing the Web.
    The iPhone also includes an icon for Google Maps, plus the light applications (found on a Mac) known as Widgets, for checking stock prices, the weather and other data you want at a glance in real time.

  • Other goodies. The phone includes sensors that detect when you rotate it from portrait to landscape mode; the onscreen controls are oriented accordingly. Lift the phone to your ear, and the sensor turns off the display to save power and prevent you from accidentally hitting the wrong controls when on a call. Also on board is a 2-megapixel still digital camera.

Courtesy : apple

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